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6 Things Your Doctor Wants You To Know

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

by Dr. Jen Caudle

There are many things your doctor wants you to know but might not say. Here are some that might surprise you:

1. We Don't Care If You Shaved Your Legs (or Got a Pedicure). As doctors, we've seen so many legs and feet and other body parts that we don't even think about these things. It's our job to treat and fix your medical issues-honestly, that's what we're focused on- so don't worry about whether you shaved your legs or not.

2. We Hate Making You Wait. We do. We know that when we run late it disrupts your day, and we hate it when this happens. We run late for many reasons- taking care of a sick patient, getting lab results, and other testing or simply taking more time with patients than we're allotted. But we respect your time and we don't like to run late, and we're sorry when we do. We really are.

3. The Best Time to Make an Appointment. We hate running late but there are times of day that we tend to be more on-time. Choosing the first appointment of the morning or afternoon (right after lunch) is great because there are no patients scheduled before you and we'll likely be more on time. Also, Mondays and Fridays are often the busiest days in the office with Wednesdays being slower- so if you can book then it might help.

4. It's Okay to Get a Second Opinion. Yup, it is, and it won't offend us. In fact, we want you to get all the information you need to make an informed decision. The goal is for you to be healthy and happy and second opinions are often a very important part of this. Getting a second opinion isn't personal. If your doctor is offended by you getting a second opinion, consider finding a new doctor.

5. Dress Appropriately. We don't care what you're wearing- unless it impacts our ability to examine you. When you have a concern about a certain body part, we need to be able to access the body part to examine you properly. If you have stomach pains (for example) avoid wearing a girdle, shapewear, or overly constrictive clothing that prevents us from evaluating your belly easily. The same thing goes for a rash on your leg- wear pants that we can easily pull up to see to the rash.

6. It's Ok to Talk About Sex. We expect to talk about intimate parts of your life- relationships, sex, and other aspects of your personal life- because it all affects your health. We know it can be uncomfortable to talk about these things but really, it's ok. We're here to be a safe space and to help you with whatever you're going through. So, tell us, it's ok!

Hope this is helpful!

Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen Caudle is a Family Physician, Associate Professor at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. She appears on TODAY, NBC Nightly News, Dr. Oz Show, Fox News, HLN, the Rachael Ray Show + more. Sign up for her free health newsletter and follow her on social at . Subscribe to her YouTube channel: and follow her on Instagram at

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