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Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen speaks the truth about your health! Whether speaking to young adults or older individuals, her warm and engaging style captivates audiences.


As a family physician, Dr. Jen speaks about a wide range of health topics such as depression, drug abuse, peer pressure, obesity and diabetes, among others. Her topics also include “Medical Myths and Truths: What to Believe and What not to Believe,” and “How to Find a Great Doctor and Be a Great Patient.” Dr. Jen uses role-playing, audience participation, group discussion, games and other activities to motivate her audiences. She encourages audiences to take responsibility for their own health and emotional well-being and deal with health issues in positive ways.


“The issues we face… can affect our outlook on life,” says Dr. Jen. “But, the reverse is also true—our outlook on life can affect the issues we face.”


Dr. Jen gives information about health and wellness, but she also gives inspiration; her fresh attitude combined with solid health information enables her audiences to take charge of their minds, bodies, and lives.

Dr. Jennifer Caudle is a board-certified Family Medicine physician


“I’ve been a teacher at this school for 17 years. Jennifer Caudle’s presentation and performance was the best assembly that I have ever seen!”

Pat Walsh, Teacher
Williamstown Middle School, Williamstown, New Jersey

“Dr. Jen is an exceptionally talented presenter - She had all of the administrators eating out of her hands, and we’re a tough bunch! Thank you for your informative and inspirational presentation (NJ Principals and Schools Administrators Conference on Anti-bullying) Dr. Jen!”

NJ Educator, and Conference Attendee

"Jennifer Caudle is an amazingly gifted and gracious motivational talent. She, as well as her virtuoso cello performance, captivates the audience and radiates a message that speaks right to your heart. Her presentation was so inspirational that we invited her back to be our keynote speaker at graduation!"

Liberato L. Spector, Site Manager

Dr. Charles E. Brimm Medical Arts High School, Camden, NJ

“Your message was excellent! The evaluations were just super- Well Done!"

John Olsen, President of Admissions 

Central College, Pella, Iowa

“You are by far one of the best presenters we have had speak at our High School Scholars Students! You are truly an inspiration!”

Paula Watkins, Coordinator 

UMDNJ-School of Osteopathic Medicine High Scholars Program

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