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The CDC Has Relaxed Mask Wearing Guidance: This is What You Should Know

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

by Dr. Jen Caudle

Have you been itching to get rid of your mask? Are you fully vaccinated? Well, if you answered yes to both those questions this is your lucky day! The CDC now says that YOU (yes, you) can ditch your mask while outdoors for many types of gatherings. (There are some benefits for those who are unvaccinated as well, by the way).

Oh, and if you're wondering why the guidance change... there are a few reasons. America is getting vaccinated more and more each day (yippee!) AND we know that the risk of covid transmission is low outdoors. Sooo, here's a CDC chart that explains outdoor activities where you can safely unmask:

This chart reviews outdoor activities and it's important to keep in mind that vaccinated and unvaccinated people still need to wear masks while indoors for safety. For more details on this and outdoor mask guidelines, head over to the CDC:

Remember, being fully vaccinated means that at least 2 weeks have passed since your final COVID vaccine dose. If you've been on the fence about getting that 2nd vaccine dose (eh hmmm) you should definitely do this, but perhaps these new guidelines will give you more of a reason to do so- please don't skip it. Click below for reasons why you shouldn't skip the 2nd dose:

If you've been on the fence about getting the vaccine in general I could give you a hundred reasons why you should get vaccinated, but a good starting point is the things you can do once vaccinated. For a description of the things you can do once vaccinated (can you tell I'm a fan of the COVID vaccine?) watch the video below. As a quick note, it's a Youtube Live so you will get lots of chatter and conversation from me, but I hope it'll be helpful!

Stay safe & get vaccinated! Love y,all!

Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen Caudle is a Family Doctor & Associate Professor at Rowan University, an On-air health expert, and a video creator. Please sign up for her free newsletter and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for daily health videos. Purchase comfy and stylish COVID vaccine shirts (and donate to the Red Cross by doing so) here.

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