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Signs & Symptoms of the Rare Blood Clots Seen With the Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine

The Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) COVID Vaccine is now back in use! A CDC panel recently recommended lifting the pause on the vaccine and the CDC & FDA promptly acted by re-instating the use of the vaccine for COVID prevention.

The pause was initiated to allow health care officials to further investigate rare blood clots seen in some vaccine recipients. After further analysis, officials deemed that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks and the vaccine was re-instated by the CDC and FDA with additional information printed on the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) Vaccine Fact Sheet about the symptoms and risks of these rare blood clots.

This is the new language on the fact sheet and what you should know about potential symptoms of the rare blood clots and when to seek medical care:

Blood clots involving blood vessels in the brain, abdomen, and legs along with low levels of platelets (blood cells that help your body stop bleeding), have occurred in some people who have received the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine. In people who developed these blood clots and low levels of platelets, symptoms began approximately one to two weeks following vaccination.

Most people who developed these blood clots and low levels of platelets were females ages 18 through 49 years. The chance of having this occur is remote.

You should seek medical attention right away if you have any of the following symptoms after receiving Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine:

• Shortness of breath

• Chest pain

• Leg swelling

• Persistent abdominal pain

• Severe or persistent headaches or blurred vision

• Easy bruising or tiny blood spots under the skin beyond the site of the injection.

Please keep these symptoms in mind if you have received this vaccine or you plan on getting it. Always listen to your body and if you have any questions or concerns about symptoms you may have or any of the information above, please consult your physician.

Remember, the more people who get vaccinated with the COVID vaccine, the sooner we can beat this pandemic.


Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen Caudle is a Family Doctor & Associate Professor at Rowan University, an On-air health expert, and a video creator. Please sign up for her free newsletter and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for daily health videos. Purchase comfy and stylish COVID vaccine shirts (and donate to the Red Cross by doing so) here.


Jan 22

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Jan 22



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