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Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes When Scheduling Your COVID Vaccine Appointment

As more and more people are getting the COVID Vaccine (Yipee!), remembering the "do's" and "don'ts" of scheduling the vaccine is something to keep in mind. Keep these details in mind as you arrange for your vaccine:

1. Read the Fine Print

Make sure you know the rules and regulations of your covid vaccine appointment. Make sure you understand where you are supposed to arrive and when, what identification you need to bring, the cancellation policy, and other details.

2. Don't Vaccine "Shop"

Rather than vaccine "shopping," that is, searching for your covid vaccine of choice, please take the covid vaccine appointment for whatever vaccine is made available to you. Remember, the approved COVID vaccines are all safe and effective. Avoid unnecessary delaying your vaccine by trying to shop for a specific one.

3. Be Kind & Courteous

Many of the people scheduling COVID vaccines and working at vaccine sites are volunteers. Regardless of whether or not they are volunteers, please be kind and courteous. This is a time of heightened emotions for all and being kind and courteous helps everyone. :-)

4. Don't Assume!

Don' assume you can transfer your COVID Vaccine appointment to someone else. If you are unable to make your appointment, you should not assume you can simply give it to someone else. In fact, many vaccine sites do not allow this at all. If you have to change your appointment or can't make it, please cancel.

5. Don't Make Multiple Vaccine Appointments and Then.... to cancel your appointments! Many people have signed up on multiple sites for covid vaccine appointments. Others have made an appointment but are working to try to get an earlier appointment somewhere else. If you DO make multiple covid vaccine appointments for any reason, PLEASE don't forget to cancel appointments you will not use. Many make appointments without canceling and this keeps someone else from getting the vaccine. Please don't do this. Cancel if you won't be using an appointment.

I hope this is helpful! Keeping getting your COVID Vaccines!


Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen Caudle is a Family Doctor & Associate Professor at Rowan University, an On-air health expert, and a video creator. Please sign up for her free newsletter and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for daily health videos. Purchase comfy and stylish COVID vaccine shirts (and donate to the Red Cross by doing so) here.

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4 comentários

Lamont A Young
Lamont A Young
29 de mar. de 2021

Thank very much for sharing! Very helpful.

Best, Lamont


Deborah Hopper
Deborah Hopper
29 de mar. de 2021

Good tips, thank you.


☀️ ❤ Great Information.. Health Influencers Rock.


Dr. David Bush
Dr. David Bush
28 de mar. de 2021

Thank you for this great information. I will be sure to share it and please keep up your outstanding work.


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