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Trump's Doctor is an Osteopathic Physician. So Are >120K Other Physicians in the US.

by Dr. Jen Caudle

Recently, Trump's physician came under fire for being a DO, Osteopathic Physician. I am an Osteopathic Physician and a very proud one. Before I tell you why I'm a proud Osteopathic Family Physician, let me tell you what DO's (Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine) are.

- DO's are one of the 2 types of physicians licensed to practice medicine and surgery in this country.

- DOs practice in all areas of medicine such as Dermatology, Surgery, Pediatrics, and more.

- DO's are licensed to practice medicine by licensing boards in each state.

- DO's become board-certified by completing the appropriate requirements.

- DOs receive special training in the nerves, muscles, and bones and practice OMT, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, in addition to prescribing medications, performing surgery, etc.

Like many, I didn't grow up knowing what Osteopathic Medicine was, but when I learned about it, I was hooked. In fact, when I learned about Osteopathic Medicine I decided to only apply to Osteopathic Medical Schools. Here's my story:

Other Facts:

- Like MDs, Osteopathic Physicians (DO's) complete 4 years of medical school followed by internships, residencies, and fellowships.

- DOs and MDs work side by side in the healthcare settings to take care of patients.

- MD and DO med schools often share professors and in some cases, students take the same courses.

- "The profession is one of the fastest-growing segments in health care today, with one out of every four medical students enrolled in an osteopathic medical school." -American Osteopathic Association

To find a DO near you, click here:

Hope this is helpful!

Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen Caudle is a Family Doctor & Associate Professor at Rowan University, On-air health expert, and Video creator. Please sign up for her free newsletter and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for daily health videos.

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