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How Many Layers Should Your Facemask Have?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Preventing the spread of Coronavirus is of upmost importance and wearing a mask is a very important part of this strategy. But, how many layers should your face mask have?

For the public cloth face masks are generally recommended. There are many different ways to make a face mask, and different materials that you can use.

Here are some recommendations about how many layers your face mask should have.

1) The CDC has instructions to make a 2-layer mask on its website here:

2) The World Health Organization recommends a 3 Layer Mask. See video below:

4) There is further research being done about which materials are best for face masks. We will learn more in the future. Here are some studies evaluating other materials:

VIDEO: Does your facemask cover your nose?

VIDEO: Beware of masks with Valves and Vents

VIDEO: How to safely remove your mask!

Hope this is helpful!

Dr. Jen Caudle

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