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7 Ways To Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Coronavirus, or COVID 19 is in many countries throughout the world and it is now in the US. The US has also had deaths related to coronavirus. Here are 7 things we can do to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus:

1. Don't Panic. Minimizing panic is crucial because panic can cause exaggerated or unnecessary actions that are not helpful. What we need is to be informed, remain measured, evaluate the facts and follow evidence-based prevention and protection methods.

2. Wash Your Hands. Washing hands is one the most important things we can do to prevent the spread of illness. Make sure you lather with soap for at least 20 seconds (sing the "happy birthday song twice) to get your hands appropriately clean.

3. Don't Touch Your Face. This is a tough one because instinctively, we touch our faces hundreds of time per day or more. In particular, avoid your mouth, nose and eyes because these are places that germs (like coronavirus) can enter our body.

4. Stay Home if You're Sick. Please, please, please stay home if you are ill. It does no good to go to work and potentially get others sick. You can wear a face mask to help prevent the

spread of your germs to others if you're sick but still stay home. (By the way, healthy people do not need to wear face masks at this point, as the risk of Coronavirus in the US is low)

5. Avoid Others Who Are Sick. Might sound cruel but it's important. Just stay away.

6. Don't Cough or Sneeze on Others. Don't cough or sneeze into your hand either. Use a tissue or cough/sneeze into your elbow to avoid spreading germs.

7. Get Your Flu Shot. No, it won't protect you against coronavirus, but it will protect you against the flu which kills tens of thousands of people every year in the US. This is important.

Stay healthy,

Dr. Jen Caudle

Dr. Jen Caudle is a Family Physician, Associate Professor at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. She appears on TODAY, NBC Nightly News, Dr. Oz Show, Fox News, HLN, the Rachael Ray Show + more. Sign up for her health newsletter at . Subscribe to her on YouTube: and follow her at

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